Casual Chic;Sweatshirt +Box pleat midi skirt



I enjoy wearing my sweatshirts as they are so comfy and also warm enough for the cold weather.Sweatshirts come in all sizes,big and small.Having a small size like this one that I paired with a midi skirt made it easy for me to style the skirt by tucking it in.I am looking forward to styling… Read more »

Simple studded sweater & Canvas shoes


Studded sweater

The braids are out yeeiii!! I couldn’t go another day with an overwhelming itchy scalp.Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on what I can use on my scalp to avoid itching.Now I have an idea of what to do next time I braid my hair. I had been eying this sweater for… Read more »

Cropped jacket & High waisted denim


Cropped jacket

  When I was writing this post last night, my scalp was so itchy that I could hardly concentrate as I typed.To make matters worse,the itching was right in the middle of the bun where neither my fingers nor a pen could get through.Mind you,I have only had these braids for a week. This however… Read more »