Wide stripes maxi skirt & cropped leather top


Wide stripes maxi skirt

Happy Wednesday lovely people,I hope you are having a lovely week so far,I am having a dull morning today as I am down with a cold,so I will just leave this one here as I wish you a lovely day ahead,and don’t worry,I will be back soon.Unbelievable as this may sound,but I bought the maxi… Read more »

Double slit maxi skirt,tank top & wooden platforms


Front slit maxi skirt

At first,I wasn’t sure I wanted to wear this tank top with the maxi skirt.Yah!There are days am usually not 100 percent sure if I will look good in some of my outfit combinations .I remember my cousin telling me not wear them if I wasn’t sure about it.My doubts disappeared the moment I wore… Read more »

High waisted shorts +Tie front blouse



Sometime last year when I use to frequent Gikomba market,I stumbled upon this pair of shorts when I was looking for tops.Actually,it was a suit but I did’t buy the blazer as I didn’t like the design.And guess how I much I spend on it! Only KES 50.Yes! I mean 50bob.I had totally forgotten about… Read more »

Fit and flare floral print


Floral print

Before my friend and I were chased away by the security guard from where we were taking photos,my friend managed to take a few photos of the outfit that I wore yesterday.yesterday. Yah!That’s just how challenging it is sometimes to take outfit photos without the distraction from onlookers,cars passing and from the people who sometimes… Read more »